10 Days Meditation Retreat at my Mountain Himalaya

Having been meditated for years along with my busy daily life, I always fantasize that one day I might be able to bravely put everything aside, packing up my travel bags and starting a long term retreat in the beautiful Mountain Himalaya. I will be able to eliminate all the noise around me and prove Samadhi in no time, I convinced myself.

Just couple days ago during a period of deep meditation in my Guru Yoga practice; I heard clearly the familiar voice of my teacher/guru Ven. Haikong in my mind. He passed me this message: there is no need to pack up your bags and give up your life; you are already at the very top of your Mountain Himalaya!

My mountain Himalaya? I like it! I remember one of the greatest Meditation Masters of the century – OSHO said in one of his many amazing teachings: enlightenment is our very nature; all the effort we put up in life is just to prove otherwise. And that’s why we suffer, because we can’t go beyond who we already are.

So here I am, standing at the very top of My Mountain Himalaya, I decide to start my journey of 10-day retreat at my mountain top and in my very comfortable cave – my home. My dream come true way easier than I could anticipated.